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folk rock
Mark Howard – Scarlette
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On February 16, Mark Howard released a new song 'Scarlette'. The artist is based in Phillip Island, Australia from where he spread his musical journey to 45 countries.
Wishpenny – day after dark
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Wishpenny is a husband and wife musical duo that has been creating their own folk rock music for over 30 years. Wishpenny are based in Nashville where they involve guest musicians to record their tracks.
Mark Millar – Mystery
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On January 1, a new single by the singer-songwriter Mark Millar was released. The song is called 'Mystery' and it is a great gift for all lovers of modern folk rock and blues.
Backstrom – Animal (feat. Bart Topher)
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'Animal' is the debut single from the debut album of the Swedish artist Backstrom. Over the past year, he has written many songs and has recently been recording his musical ideas.
Adrian Sutherland – Precious
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Adrian Sutherland is a Canadian singer-songwriter who, in addition to his musical activities, conducts his cultural mission to revive and preserve the traditions of the peoples of northern Canada, such as Cree.
Don’t Call Me Tina – House of the Rising Sun
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Don't Call Me Tina is the musical project of Christina Brennan, a promising artist from Philadelphia who is confidently pursuing her dreams thanks to her fantastic voice and her talent as a singer-songwriter. After completing her bachelor's degree at Berklee College of Music, Christina Brennan opened up even more opportunities and inspiration for herself.
Two Headed Horse – See For Miles (Bounder’s Motif)
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London band Two Headed Horse debuted with the single 'See For Miles (Bounder’s Motif)' on October 9. This beautiful song performed with love and has a deep folk-rock feel.
Nigel Brown – Here Comes The Truth
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'Here Comes The Truth' that's the name of the new full-length album of the London singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Nigel Brown. He recorded all the vocal and musical parts himself, except for the drum part, which was played by his son Charlie.
Fin Furey – Glory Days
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On October 6, a new single by the Irish singer-songwriter Fin Furey was released. 'Glory Days' is a song that once again shows the power of this artist's talent and his original approach to creating folk pop hits.
Kristian Phillip Valentino – Happily Ever After
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On September 22, the American singer-songwriter released the EP 'Happily Ever After', which is a kind of continuation of his previous album. The new five tracks from this release are dedicated to his wife Hollie and tell stories of separation, sadness and hope for reconciliation.
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