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Rob Giles – Meditation Drive-Thru
Rob Giles is a well-known singer-songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist. As a Grammy Award winner and producer of over 20 albums for himself and others, Rob Giles is truly an individual whose work deserves attention. In addition to music, Rob Giles writes extensively for television, which brought him success when his shows with the CW aired in 2016 and 2017.

His new album is called 'Meditation Drive-Thru' and it is a new step on the artist's creative path. Indeed, as the author of this record notes, 'Meditation Drive-Thru' is an important milestone in his life, which returned him to active creative impulses. 11 original tracks that make up the album were written with love and understanding of life as it really is.  

Thoughts, experiences and love are the main topics worthy of such a deep and highly artistic immersion. Rob Giles' voice has a warm and velvety timbre that is thought-provoking and inspiring. Beautiful musical arrangements are minimalist and filled with subtle harmonies, a sense of space, melody and meaning. IIndie-folk songs from 'Meditation Drive-Thru' have a light color that reveals to us the power of Rob Giles' talent and his desire to create, not to stop, no matter what.  

Listen to the album 'Meditation Drive-Thru' below on Spotify and immerse yourself in the world of songwriting from the fantastic Rob Giles.