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Arden Alexa – ‘22
San Francisco artist Arden Alexa shared her new EP “‘22” on October 20. 6 original tracks give us a meeting with a truly unique artist who captivates with her creativity from the first song and does not let go.

Arden Alexa's efforts to succeed in the Bay Area indie scene have made significant progress since the artist developed her own sound and began releasing her own songs. EP “‘22” is a great example of how the talent of the singer-songwriter grows into something more, significant and important. Before us is a really impressive record where every song has a chance to become a hit. 

The romantic background of Arden Alexa's songs so easily touches our hearts with her sincere and enchanting vocals. Her voice is sensual and soulful, it has the power of insight and purity that we are touched every time we listen to these songs.  

Musically, the mini-album opens with a minimalistic and organic arrangements where elements of indie, rock and pop compose this incomparable mixture. EP “‘22” is a cool release that deserves the attention of all appreciators of fresh modern song art.  

Listen to the EP “‘22” below on Spotify and enjoy a fantastic tracklist from the lovely Arden Alexa.