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Mick J. Clark – Sing Glory Glory Hallelujah
Mick J. Clark is a well-known singer songwriter from Great Britain who can truly be proud of his colorful music catalog which certainly represents the considerable musical legacy of this talented artist. The songs of Mick J. Clark were played on many radio stations and repeatedly occupied the highest positions in the iTunes charts.

Mick J. Clark was also nominated for a Grammy, which speaks of the importance of this artist. As a gift to his fans, Mick J. Clark released a box set of 63 songs, 3 of which are Christmas songs. The magical holiday season is not far away, and we again turn to songs of this direction.  

One of the best examples of a classic Christmas song is 'Sing Glory Glory Hallelujah' by Mick J. Clark. This charming and mesmerizing ballad tells the story of Santa and what children around the world really want from him. Peace and tranquility on our planet is something that Santa cannot give them from his sleigh, but we will all believe and hope that it will be so.  

A bewitching melody flows in a sweet stream under a beautiful and calm musical accompaniment. The song 'Sing Glory Glory Hallelujah' soothes and gives some incredible warmth and coziness that we all dream of on the eve of Christmas. Listen to the single 'Sing Glory Glory Hallelujah' below on Spotify and enjoy a fabulous song from the incredible Mick J. Clark.