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QRIAN is a South Korean artist who demonstrates her kind of unique creativity filled with life itself. Her new EP 'BOSS' came out 4 years after the debut release and consists of the single 'BOSS' and its three remixes.

The song 'BOSS' tells about a boss and how he changes his thoughts, confusing his subordinates. The rhythmic and groovy musical composition of 'BOSS' unfolds from simple bass phrases to a wide musical palette in the climactic part of the track. The singer's voice smoothly leads its line and characteristically conveys the aesthetics of the song. 

'BOSS', this is a new stage in the creativity of QRIAN, where she presents her new life expressions obtained after returning from Great Britain to South Korea. After listening to the song itself, we can plunge into the experimental impulses of the presented remixes, each of which opens the song further, deeper and simply in a new way. 

Listen to the EP 'BOSS' below on Spotify and discover the work of the charismatic QRIAN.