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Kiirstin Marilyn – Kristoffer
On November 10, the American artist Kiirstin Marilyn released a new EP 'Kristoffer', dedicated to her brother. Kristoffer, as her brother was called, died in 2021 and it became a great tragedy for his loving sister.

They grew up together and Kiirstin Marilyn was a support and friend for the older brother who fought with his inner demons through drinking. 'Kristoffer' is a dedication to the life and passing of one person who was so close to the artist.

The presented songs perfectly reflect love and feelings, hope and sadness of loss. Kiirstin Marilyn's insightful and soulful voice is a measure of her feelings, and the hard and sometimes tender alternative rock accompaniment gives this single an honest and truthful effect of repentance.

Listen to the single 'Kristoffer' from Kiirstin Marilyn on Spotify below and immerse yourself in the story of one person, the story of life and love.