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Pàppa D. – Swing! The CalBal ’23 Session
Pàppa D. is a multifaceted artist who makes his life and the lives of those around him unusual and inspiring with his creative activity. Pàppa D. started actively playing music in his early teens and since then music has always been by his side.

Hailing from a small Greek town, Pàppa D. has successfully established himself in the Los Angeles music scene. His music catalog is extensive and exciting, where everyone can find something close to them.

We recently discovered his album 'Swing! The CalBal '23 Session' and couldn't tear ourselves away from this piano masterpiece. The album was released at the beginning of this year and is a kind of benchmark for the modern transformation of swing and blues music. 

At the beginning of the last century, each saloon had its own pianist and each of them was original and unique. Today we have Pàppa D. and his recordings give us wonderful moments of musical ecstasy. When Pàppa D. recorded this album, he improvised a lot and found his incredible passages and melismas, passing them through his heart because the heart is love and love is music. 

Album 'Swing! The CalBal '23 Session' by Pàppa D. is a modern classic that does not fade away. Listen to the album 'Swing! The CalBal '23 Session' below on Spotify and enjoy an amazing tracklist from the talented Pàppa D..