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The Killing Tapes – Falling Down (RED)
'Falling Down (RED)' is a new release from the Swedish band The Killing Tapes, which completes the trilogy by coming to more intimate and revealing songs. The EP consists of 6 original tracks that invite us into the world of thoughts about yourself, people and the world around us in which we all live.

'Falling Down (RED)' is a deep and insightful work that, through indie rock and electronic elements, presents a sad and thoughtful record. Minimalism and simplicity meet here with the power of human feelings and experiences.  

The rhythmic and impulsive structure of these tracks delights and allows us to break into a completely new space created by The Killing Tapes. 'Falling Down (RED)' completes a new phase of this band's creativity and we look forward to their new releases.  

Listen to the EP 'Falling Down (RED)' below on Spotify and rediscover the impressive The Killing Tapes.