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Sambox – Deep Time
On September 8, a new single from the French electronic musician Sambox was released. The release called 'Deep Time' includes two tracks 'Better Life' and 'Feel the Summer Breeze', which are made in a new modern interpretation.

The presented musical compositions are already well known to fans of house music, because they appeared for the first time on the Sambox's album 'Deep Feelings' in 2007. Now these tracks have been updated with modern vibes with softened beats and graceful synths.  

Listening to this music, we involuntarily immerse yourself in the illusory world of dance rhythms, and here we can get completely lost, indulging in smooth movements and sweet feelings. Sambox is a real master of his craft, working in his home studio he creates masterpieces of electronic music and allows us to look at his rich musical heritage in a new way.  

Listen to the single 'Deep Time' below on Spotify and enjoy the cool sound of the iconic producer and composer Sambox.