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LokkisKott – Deep Inside
LokkisKott is the solo music project of Australian singer-songwriter and musician Lachie Alford. The artist is interested in many aspects of world art, cinema and theater also influence his creative impulses.

'Deep Inside' is LokkisKott's debut single released this year. The song was written by him as a teenager and polished like a diamond, which shines even brighter with time. The song 'Deep Inside' has a beautiful arrangement with acoustic guitars and gothic backing vocals. One of the guitars performs melodic flageolets, and the second sets the drive and expression.  

The lead vocals begin with sensual musings leading to an emotional screaming. The incredible musical composition of the track is full of real directing of feelings and fears, which convey the inner experiences of the author. The song 'Deep Inside' is a worthy debut of an interesting artist who puts a piece of himself into his songs.  

Listen to the single 'Deep Inside' below on Spotify and immerse yourself in the deep and soulful song from LokkisKott.