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Stefan West – Take What You Need
On September 1, a new single by the Australian artist Stefan West was released. The song is called 'Take What You Need' and it is intended to open the curtain to his upcoming album 'Cambridge'.

Stefan West put the story of his internal struggle with addiction into this song. When the world offers nothing but pain, sadness and disappointment, creativity always comes to the rescue. The artist used songwriting as a lifeline that pulled him out of the raging ocean of troubles and internal contradictions.  

Undoubtedly, such songs as 'Take What You Need' are needed precisely in this stormy time when it is not known what will happen tomorrow and what to expect from a fragile life. Stefan West inspires and directs our thoughts to determine their own path, full of new arrivals and new achievements. His new track is created in a pop-rock style and the vocals perfectly resonate with rock n roll guitars and an energetic rhythm section.  

Listen to the single 'Take What You Need' below on Spotify and get energized by a great song from Stefan West.