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PAUL CLAXTON – Last Night Was A Dream
PAUL CLAXTON is an experienced singer, songwriter and musician who lives in London and has been making great music for many years. He performed a lot at home in England and abroad at venues of various levels and supported super famous artists.

PAUL CLAXTON recently added to his music catalog with the new single 'Last Night Was A Dream', which will also be included on his upcoming EP. This song has an interesting, memorable charactercharacter that draws on Americana, power pop, and bluegrass. Wide and motley verses are filled with acoustic guitar and hammond sounds that transition into sweet choruses with thoughtful lyrics and elegant transitions.  

PAUL CLAXTON's beautiful vocal is perfectly combined with his original musical arrangements. The general aura of the track 'Last Night Was A Dream' remains with us for a long time after listening to it, and this is all thanks to the author's remarkable ability to create true masterpieces of song art.  

Listen to the single 'Last Night Was A Dream' below on Spotify and feel the creative power of the awesome artist PAUL CLAXTON.