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February 14, 2023
PAUL CLAXTON – Last Night Was A Dream
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PAUL CLAXTON is an experienced singer, songwriter and musician who lives in London and has been making great music for many years. He performed a lot at home in England and abroad at venues of various levels and supported super famous artists.
Maëla Raoult – Hypokrat
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French musician and composer Maëla Raoult presented a new album called 'Hypokrat'. The release of the album took place on February 10th and presented the new tracks of this skilled world jazz artist. The record consists of 7 tracks, 5 of which are original and 2 own variations on well-known standards.
Jadamarie – FALLEN ANGEL
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'FALLEN ANGEL' is the name of the new single of the American artist Jadamarie, which was released on January 20. The song reflects the author's experience in trying to achieve success in big show business.
SickRichard – Chickens
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London band SickRichard released their 2nd single 'Chickens' on February 10. This one sounds delicious and rock n roll, it captivates with its raw sound and catchy motif.