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Jadamarie – FALLEN ANGEL
'FALLEN ANGEL' is the name of the new single of the American artist Jadamarie, which was released on January 20. The song reflects the author's experience in trying to achieve success in big show business.

In the difficult moments of the pandemic, many artists were forced to stop their dreams and just make music for the soul. But for each of these artists there will be a listener who will appreciate the talent and effort of their creativity.  

That's how we appreciated the new song 'FALLEN ANGEL' as a beautiful flower that closes up at night to bloom with new strength the next morning. Jadamarie's gentle and warm vocals enchant with its grace, while the dreamy jazz guitar adds its sweet beauty. The track 'FALLEN ANGEL' flows with its pensive motif, opening up for us new facets of Jadamarie's creative experiments.  

Listen to the single 'FALLEN ANGEL' below on Spotify and enjoy this beautiful new song from Jadamarie.