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Code Seventy Three – Live Once
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On February 9, Canadian rock band Code Seventy Three released a new single 'Live Once'. This is one of their new 5 songs which are planned to be released early this year. Their debut mini-album 'Stained Man' already announced Code Seventy Three as an interesting and extraordinary rock band.
Onism E – I’m Sorry
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The American band Onism E presented their new single 'I'm Sorry' on November 2. This song is a kind of hymn to freedom and accessibility of one's own choice.
Dirty Mitts – Women
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The British band Dirty Mitts is preparing for the release of their EP 'Hands Off' on November 10, and the single 'Women' partially introduces us to this record. An incredible amalgamation of rock n roll energy and blues swing draws attention to this cool song.
Miron – All of a Sudden
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French rock artist Miron shared a new single 'All of a Sudden'. This mysteriously passionate song reveals a real and insightful artist. Miron has his own unique experience as a musician who writes killing and catchy songs.
Rich Chambers – I Found the Volume
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The Canadian artist Rich Chambers refreshes the word rock n roll and its meaning with his creativity. His new album came out recently and it's called 'I Found the Volume'. The record is the result of his prolific work over the last 2 years and it also includes tracks written in his past, starting in 2001.
Juniper Avenue – Chuck Rock
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Juniper Avenue presented their second full-length album 'Chuck Rock' on April 4. The record consists of 12 tracks that are a breath of fresh air for all lovers of old and new rock n roll.
Rich Chambers – I’m a Fool for Lovin’ You
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'I'm a Fool for Lovin' You' is the name of the latest single by the Canadian singer-songwriter Rich Chambers. His charisma never ceases to amaze us with his energetic and soulful songs. Rich Chambers is a real rock n roll artist who draws his line by offering sincere and insightful tracks.
Benmozes – IMMIGRANT
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The rock band Benmozes released their debut album titled 'IMMIGRANT' on February 10. A collection of 10 tracks has become a real gift to fans of modern rock n roll.
The Daytime High – Waterfall
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On January 20, the second single of the Los Angeles rock band The Daytime High was released. The song is called 'Waterfall' and it tells about the ways of finding the relationship of people with the surrounding world.
Formation of the Ukrainian rock n roll scene
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2022 has become too difficult for one of the largest countries in Europe. It is about Ukraine and its heroic people. The passing year has brought devastation and tears, pain and suffering to the country. In its fight against the invaders, Ukraine is choosing its freedom and the right to a democratic future. Today we wanted to remember the glorious past of this musical nation and especially, we are interested in the development of the rock scene in Ukraine, in a country with its ancient roots and culture. How it was and how it was born.
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