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Selfish Bodies – Bambi Legs
The band Selfish Bodies founded in 2018 in Edmonton, Canada. The musical trio creates insightful dream pop songs that make us delve into their essence and dissolve in their creative impulses.

The song 'Bambi Legs' by Selfish Bodies released at the end of last year is a beautiful musical composition that illustrates their style. The lyrics invite us to dive into our own fears and try to overcome them with the help of this music. 

Sensual vocals and a wide synthesizer background organically introduce us to the dark atmosphere of the song. The hypnotic trance of the dreamy guitar and the sharpened electronic beats provide an endless field for reflection and self-exploration. 

'Bambi Legs' is aesthetically attractive song of the new alternative wave that charge us with strength to fight with everyday challenges. Listen to the single 'Bambi Legs' below on Spotify and enjoy this enchanting and mysterious song from Selfish Bodies.