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Carley Varley – Somehow I’m Alive
'Somehow I'm Alive' is the second single by British artist Carley Varley from her upcoming mini-album 'Homesick'. The new song was released on January 13. Alternative rock from Carley Varley has its own unique charm that will appeal to all lovers of powerful and emotional music.

The song 'Somehow I'm Alive' talks about moments of sadness and despair that set us up to think about the meaning of life and our place in it. Carley Varley perfectly conveys with her voice the feelings that bother her, thus putting a piece of herself into this meaningful song. 

Explosive alternative rock accompaniment supports the main idea of ​​the track, investing in it the fate of life's struggle and hope for the best. Everyone is looking for their own meaning in life, and the song 'Somehow I'm Alive' is designed to add energy and encouraging strength to this search.  

Listen to the single 'Somehow I'm Alive' below on Spotify and follow the work of talented singer-songwriter Carley Varley.