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5th PROJEKT – Vagabond
Canadian band 5th PROJEKT released their new single 'Vagabond' on November 15. This musical composition was inspired by the band members' journey to the Camino Santiago de Compostela, the westernmost point in Spain, where the Atlantic Ocean carries its thousand-year-old waves to the shores of old Europe.

This journey began in the south of France and lasted for weeks, and during this walk the musicians were amazed by the scenery of this spiritual land. The shadow of these impressions lies on the song 'Vagabond', and we feel in it these earthly fluctuations and accelerated heartbeat, which makes people human.

The sounds of shoegaze and grunge intertwine in this track with chill dream pop and insightful psychedelic. The singing mesmerizes and hypnotizes, drawing our attention to secret images and strange coincidences. The music track 'Vagabond' concise and authentic, it allows us to look into the band's upcoming mini-album, which is scheduled for release in March next year.  

Listen to the single 'Vagabond' below on Spotify and open the secret door to the world of 5th PROJEKT's creativity.