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Greg Bounce – Thank U
Electronic pop artist Greg Bounce has recently been based in Lisbon, Portugal where he was inspired by this beautiful city and its wonderful atmosphere. His return to active creative life has borne fruit and his music catalog presents a truly amazing palette of wonderful songs.

Greg Bounce's last release was an EP 'Frango Magic', in which we especially liked the song 'Thank U'. This musical composition in its entirety reveals the talent of the singer and songwriter Greg Bounce. His incredible romantic aura flies together with his sweet singing against the background of soft and atmospheric electronics.  

In the music video 'Thank U', the artist is located on a mysterious hill near Bolton, England, which offers fantastic views of the magical nature and scenery. Against this background, he sings his inspiring song and he completely immerses himself in this performance, feeling close to nature and its majestic power.  

Watch the music video 'Thank U' below on YouTube and enjoy the new inspiring song from Greg Bounce.