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Ordinary // Colours – In Frustration
Ordinary // Colours is a musical project from Toronto, Canada that released their new single 'In Frustration' on November 4th. This musical composition is a kind of continuation of the first single 'Pacific Division', where the main character talks about the detachment from the usual practice of intrigue and conflicts in every team.

Pleasant and harmonious singing together with a beautiful guitar arpeggio and atmospheric background of the track makes us calm down and focus on something good. 'In Frustration' is like a warning, but at the same time, it soothes with its ambiguous attitude to collective games and finding oneself in it. The song is full of amazing harmony and peace that relaxes and makes room for the next step in life.  

Listen to the single 'In Frustration' on Spotify below and discover the work of the talented and dreamy Ordinary // Colours.