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May 11, 2022
Bir Tawil – In Between
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UK/French based duo Bir Tawil presented their debut album 'In Between' on April 22. The record includes 8 tracks created in folk and world styles with a touch of archaic blues and psychedelia.
MARBLE – bleed me out
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The American band MARBLE in the period of past quarantine led an independent practice of production own songs. Recording their tracks in the home studio MARBLE has achieved amazing results and one of them is a new song called 'bleed me out'.
Who Are You Lutra Lutra ?? – Remember The Lines
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French indie folk duo Who Are You Lutra Lutra ?? presented their new album called 'Remember The Lines'. The record consists of 6 songs that convey the three-year creative period of the band. Their songs are an act of true art that reopens its doors to us.