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Kevin Rieth – Robert Dufresne
On January 7, the second single of the American singer-songwriter Kevin Rieth was released. The song is called 'Robert Dufresne' and reveals a rich palette of sounds recorded by the author alone as a multi-instrumentalist just with the help of his colleague, drummer Aaron Russo.

The song 'Robert Dufresne' received an awesome arrangement that has a thrill of power pop and the energy of rock music. The sublime and fresh music of the new single has wide guitar riffs permeated with powerful vocals and harmonious backing vocal lines. The solo on the trumpet organically fits into the composition. The drums set the pulsation and energy of the whole song.  

Kevin Rieth created an amazing song that inspires and heals. Listen to the single 'Robert Dufresne' on Spotify below and enjoy the new work from the talented Kevin Rieth.