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January 12, 2022
Kevin Rieth – Robert Dufresne
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On January 7, the second single of the American singer-songwriter Kevin Rieth was released. The song is called 'Robert Dufresne' and reveals a rich palette of sounds recorded by the author alone as a multi-instrumentalist just with the help of his colleague, drummer Aaron Russo.
9 o’clock Nasty – Party
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EP 'Party' from the British band 9 o'clock Nasty is another masterpiece of modern art-punk rock. The group impresses with the dynamism of their ideas in the new mini-album of selected exciting tracks that added heat to the universal celebration of the Christmas holidays.
The Cookie Jar Complot – CAVIAR CAPITAL
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The band The Cookie Jar Complot is based in Luxembourg where they became part of the local indie scene. They play original instrumental music that combines elements of post-rock and indie rock. The dance component is present in their works, which fills the rhythm with rich melodic lines.
Petros Fuzzhead – Lobotomy
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Greek artist Petros Fuzzhead reveals his creative ideas in his personal music project and with the help of a live band. His latest single 'Lobotomy' was released on December 29 in three combinations: Studio, Live and Demo.
Iuliano – On The Radio
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Iuliano confirmed his talent as a composer and producer by receiving the Independent Music Awards. Having gained a wealth of knowledge while studying at Berklee College of Music at Boston, MA and producing artists in Southeast Asia, he gradually came to create his own compositions.
The Adam Price Group – House Ghosts
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Unraveling the modern jazz scene of New York, we could not miss the multi-instrumentalist musician Adam Price and his gorgeous album 'House Ghosts'. Adam Price musician who travels a lot around the world with concerts.