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Moon and Aries – Pink Moon
The new single of the German Canadian duo Moon and Aries was released on December 30 and it is called 'Pink Moon'. The song has a magnetic character that mesmerizes us from the first notes of retro synthesizers.

The expansive structure of the song is saturated with space arpeggios and electronic percussion. The sad and deep impulsive track covers with its atmospheric waves. The vocals with its charming timbre that captivates and lifts us above the gray life, showing a romantic image of the pink moon.  

The melody is simple and memorable, it has the roots of folk and ballad music. The new song from Moon and Aries is a great gift for all music lovers who are looking for something intimate, romantic and inspiring.  

Listen to the single 'Pink Moon' on Spotify below and enjoy the wonderful sounds of the new release from Moon and Aries.