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January 2, 2022
Ro Nova – Silver
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The British artist Ro Nova shared her new work on New Year's Eve - the single 'Silver'. This elegant song is a beautiful personification of the singer and her creative impulses.
Chucky Trading Co – Peace With The Devil
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'Peace With The Devil' is the name of a new single from the American music project Chucky Trading Co. Their debut album was released recently and presented an amazing collection of country and folk rock songs.
Moon and Aries – Pink Moon
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The new single of the German Canadian duo Moon and Aries was released on December 30 and it is called 'Pink Moon'. The song has a magnetic character that mesmerizes us from the first notes of retro synthesizers.
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The international music project INTERCONTINEN7AL appeared in 2020 and was the first in the world to release an album featuring musicians from all 7 continents of the world.
Michael Peloso – Life’s Little Accidents
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American musician and producer Michael Peloso has a talent for writing beautiful memorable songs. His debut album 'Life's Little Accidents' was remembered by music lovers for its beautiful arrangements, life lyrics and realistic moods of its songs.