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Piet Louter – Footprints In The Sand
Piet Louter started releasing his own music after a 20-year hiatus. This Dutch singer-songwriter has a talent for writing lifelike and realistic songs that touch the soul and inspire you to move forward. The full-length album 'Footprints In The Sand' from Piet Louter was released this year and consists of 16 Americana style and folk rock songs.

In the song 'Back to You' there is a folk ballad with a good guitar accompaniment supported by harmonic strings and accordion. Soulful vocals sing about simple things taken from romantic history that will always be the main theme of mankind. The song 'From Now On' received a beautiful arrangement in which the instruments sound in a harmonious sequence supporting high and warm vocals.  

The song 'Broken Life' has a memorable motif that glorifies life in all its problems and joys. The track 'When I Die' is a charming confession of the author. The depth of his lyrics and the purity of the vocals are fascinating and exciting.  

Listen to the full album 'Light vocals' on Spotify below and appreciate the high talent of the singer and songwriter Piet Louter.