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A.B. Violet – Ice
The new single of the British singer-songwriter A.B. Violet, is called 'Ice'. This track is the first song created by the artist and so it is especially dear to her. The sounds of elegant arrangement fly with smooth waves of sweet vocals A.B. Violet.

Electronic percussion is full of minimalist pulses and distant reverbs. An invisible echo flies around the composition, touching all the musical instruments and turning them into fairy-tale sounds. 

The warm piano accompanies the cool vocals, creating a special ensemble of heat and cold, sun and ice. The melodious vibes of the track sways with its calmness and magnetism. We dive into the sounds of 'Ice' feeling the relaxation and hidden depth of minimalism of this creation.

A.B. Violet is a talented singer and musician who should to be loved by music fans. Listen to the single 'Ice' on Spotify below and appreciate the beauty of the song art from A.B. Violet.