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Alvinos Zavlis – Crushed Soul & Antisocial Behaviour
Alvinos Zavlis is British representative of the modern trip hop school is based in the city of Bath. A musician and producer, he participates in electronic projects that make up his self-identity. On December 10, Alvinos Zavlis released his new album 'Crushed Soul & Antisocial Behaviour'.

His music is full of elements of art and dark music. Trip hop and downtempo draw a line under his rhythm and his experimental vision of compositions is liked by connoisseurs of original music. 

After the extravagant cinematic introduction 'Wildflower', we tune in to the melonchalic wave of the monotonous monologue 'Can't (SadBoi Anthem). The composition grows into a wide system woven of computer retro sounds that shimmer and roll over. 

The track 'Outta my head' features autotunes with a lively trip hop and a relaxing finale. The song 'Darkness' crawls with slow harmonic shifts that are tuned with colorful rhythms and cinematic effects. 'Can't let U go' is an experimental composition with deep synthesizer intonations and a trip hop atmosphere.  

Listen to the full album 'Crushed Soul & Antisocial Behaviour' on Spotify below and immerse yourself in the breadth of the new British sound along with Alvinos Zavlis.