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Ruiz! – Mind Games
Ruiz! is a solo project of a musician with a rich musical past marked participation in several successful British bands. The artist entered the music scene again with the album 'Mind Games'.

Ruiz! is based in Sheffield where he created this record during the lockdown himself and this is his first such great work.  Since there was a lot of rock n roll in his past, it will not disappear now.  

In the first song of 'A Certain Direction' we hear a stretched dynamic song with a pronounced synthesizer tremolo. Heavy guitars fill the space of the composition together with double vocals. The song 'Morning' sounds like a soft resonant guitar together with the drive create the aesthetics of real art rock.  

The energetic track 'Flying' has groove and britpop sound. Minimalist synthesizer melisms are inserted between fresh verses with overloaded guitars. Minor 'Please Baby Please' is viscous and dark rock n roll. The track 'Planet Psyche' continues the theme of Britpop and sounds great with polyphony and spinning sound. 

Listen to the full album 'Mind Games' from Ruiz! on Spotify below and immerse yourself in a whirlwind of guitar sounds and rich rhythm.