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Giant Killers – Songs For The Small Places
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On January 26, the album 'Songs For The Small Places' by the British band Giant Killers was released. The history of this record goes back decades and takes us back to the 90s when this album was recorded.
Stage Door Guy – Beach Party
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The third album from the British band Stage Door Guy is already out and it is called 'Beach Party'. An interesting and fascinating project Stage Door Guy is the brainchild of two charismatic personalities, an actor, writer and performer Adam Brody and a guitarist CJ Williams.
Tom Minor – Where Do You See Yourself in Five Years?
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'Where Do You See Yourself in Five Years?' is the title of the new single of the London artist Tom Minor. The song touches our hearts and prompts us to think about the strange course of world history and our own place in it.
Lemon – You Keep Me On Track
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The Dutch indie band Lemon has a long and exciting history of their ascent to the musical Olympus. Their first album was released in 2005, and since then the guys have been confidently moving towards their goal, releasing their music and negotiating with influential labels.
The Perics – Songs To Clean The House To
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'Songs To Clean The House To' is the title of the second album of the British group The Perics, which was released on October 18. The record has an absolutely fantastic sound that takes us back to the iconic 90s, where the era of early Britpop and pop-punk was gaining momentum.
Tom Minor – It’s Easy to Play Hearts
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The second single of the British artist Tom Minor is called It's 'Easy to Play Hearts' and it tells about broken hearts in battles for love and the routine that awaits each new lover. Each feeling is individual and unique, but there is no doubt that they are also fragile and easily broken.
The Modalities – Already Gone
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Manchester new wave offers us a real surprise again and this indie duo The Modalities. Formed by Mark and Chris, The Modalities give us a fresh wind of great poetry accompanied by masterful musical arrangements.
Jim Loeffler’s Electric Orbit – Curtains and Comics
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'Curtains and Comics' is the title of the new single of the American artist Jim Loeffler’s Electric Orbit. This song is about going our own way without revealing our life intentions to anyone.
My Glass World – What We Call Love
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The London band My Glass World already has 6 albums in its music catalog that we can listen to and find something new for ourself every time. My Glass World create serious music with deep lyrics in an original manner combining rock, pop, jazz and classical.
The Daytime High – Pandemonium
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The group from Los Angeles, The Daytime High presented their new single called 'Pandemonium', on May 12. This is already the third single in their music catalog, because the group The Daytime High started playing together only in 2022.
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