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Calum Ingram – Show Me The Way
On January 4, a new single by the Scottish artist and musician Calum Ingram was released. The song is called 'Show Me The Way' and it opens the curtain of his new album, which will be released in the spring of this year.

Calum Ingram is a unique artist of his kind who has many talents, among which it is worth noting his songwriting and playing the electric cello. His signature sound is incomparable, as his musical instrument has a unique velvety timbre and an expressive manner of its own.

The song 'Show Me The Way' rocks from the first bars with the groove of a live ensemble where the rhythm section is supported by a jazz organ and driving phrasing of the electric cello. Calum Ingram sings about the importance of finding positivity in everything that surrounds us and fully surrendering to this wave.  

His silky vocals perfectly convey the emotions of the song, inspiring and balancing the inner state, freeing from everything sad and hopeless. At the very heart of this fascinating musical composition is a Middle Eastern melody that smoothly transitions into a kind of competition between cello and keyboards.

In the music video 'Show Me The Way', we are transported to a room where this magical miracle called the creative process takes place. A group of excellent musicians play this natural music for us and there is no doubt that their energy will charge many more broken hearts.  

Check out the music video 'Show Me The Way' below on YouTube and enjoy a cool new track from the awesome Calum Ingram.