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Lato – Camouflage
On August 23, the new single of the Italian rock band Lato was released. The song is called 'Camouflage' and it precedes the appearance of their new album 'KARISMA'.

Lato is a band with a lot of experience in the field of rock n roll. Reproducing their skill and ability to create cool tracks, the collective offers us a really fantastic funk-rock composition. 'Camouflage' acquired the sound of the legendary Grand Funk Railroad with adding modern electronic elements and velvety melodic vocals. 

The guitar and the rhythm section work as one mechanism that only becomes more elastic over time. The vocalist sings hypnotically about the masks worn by people in society, creating a parallel illusory world of lies.

In the music video 'Camouflage', the main role is played by a beautiful girl who, with her gaze, gestures and actions, shows the whole day of her life, where the world hides from her, and she from the world.  

Watch the music video 'Camouflage' below on YouTube and rate the great new song from Lato.