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Prince of Sweden – Next Time There’ll Be Violins
Not every country boy can become the Prince of Sweden. Not every village boy can to learn to play the guitar from his neighbor on the farm. What are these theses related to? The future Prince of Sweden before becoming a music project from South London took a course of a villager with all the pros and cons. His singles absorbed all the power of British rock and roll and the lyrics of folk ballads.

The fifth single 'Next Time There'll Be Violins' begins with the chord sounds of the guitar and the velvet timbre of the vocalist. His voice floats along the chord line, through all the lyricism of the song. Gradually, other instruments are added, accompanying the singer on his way to tender feelings and work on improving them. The electric organ intercepts the initiative when the rhythm section is included in the music discussion of a given motive. The ballad of the Prince of Sweden seduces us with its silky sound when a electric guitar gives off its unique sound in a sensual solo. 

We believe in the author and his sincerity of feelings and pass it like a current through ourselves, releasing this song further into the new palms of new music lovers. Feel it for yourself by simply play the Prince of Sweden's single 'Next Time There'll Be Violins' on Spotify below.