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Kurt Gott – Last Call
After 27 years of successful work in the television industry, Kurt Gott decided to radically change his life and completely indulge in creativity. At 51, he actively leads the life of an artist, singer-songwriter in South Florida and this inspires him to new heights.

His new full-length album 'Last Call' was released recently, which includes 10 songs. All tracks were recorded in collaboration with a local musician Cary Scope. Together they convey that pure rock sound that does not require modern impurities in the form of special effects and various loops.  

The song 'Deal Me In' has an energetic rock n roll mood that is in tune with the best achievements of world stars of this genre. Kurt's vocals are melodic and refined like Paul McCartney's and the live sound is excellent in its performance.  

The track 'Where the River Flows' has a beautiful Americana style composition with a clean piano and slide guitars. The vocal melody sounds harmonious and emotional, conveying the deep meaning of the lyrics. 

'Wine from a Dixie Cup' is a fun country music that retells the spirit of ragtime with its piano and bluesy harmonica with its freedom. 

The song 'Only a Phase' is an atmospheric catchy song with a graceful sound and psychedelic moments in the arrangement. The beautiful timbre of the vocalist gives kindness and warmth to this track. The velvet guitar solo fits harmoniously into this broad musical structure.  

Listen to the full album 'Last Call' by Kurt Gott on Spotify below and enjoy clean and honest songs in awesome live accompaniment.