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Jennifer Juliette – Columns
The song 'Columns' by Welsh artist Jennifer Juliette is an unsurpassed creation that has absorbed all the power of her talent. The artist based in Berlin, Germany where she creates her insight and deep songs.

Jennifer Juliette is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist with extensive experience on world-famous stages. She approaches the writing of her works professionally, combining classics, folk and pop motifs into one musical structure that forms the basis of her work.  

The song 'Columns' is based on piano arpeggios and open sensual vocals. The main melody runs through the depth of her lyrics that touches all the soul strings. The composition is graceful and atmospheric. It evokes wonderful emotions that inspire us to sublimity and amazement.  

Shackled with warm harmony and imbued with awesome melodies, the song 'Columns' becomes a model of song skill and true musical talent. Listen to the single 'Columns' on Spotify below and enjoy high song art from the unforgettable Jennifer Juliette.