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Kate Bowen – A Time Before
Kate Bowen - girl with guitar from Kent. Her singing is simple and lyrics realistic about the simple things in life that happens with everyone. Her recent EP was released just before the New Year 2021, namely on December 30.

This is a girl with guitar who can play piano and drums, which reveals her multi-instrumentalism in minimalist forms. Surprisingly, her acoustic guitar sounds like Keith Richards' 70s model from his 'Angie'. The first two songs were performed by Kate in acoustics and already in the third track we hear her full accompaniment from her own band. Sounds easy and modest and it's cute. This is what attracts attention and invites us to travel further on the free way. And so the piano comes to accompany the singer-songwriter and her final composition, as if saying goodbye, gives instructions to continue to follow her life principles - to be yourself. Kate loves to travel and bring new songs about human relationships and the good that every person has to bring with them into the life, every person who tries to live life so that it doesn't hurt later. You can rate EP 'A Time Below' by Kate Bowen on Spotify below.