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786AM – Peace Train
The song 'Peace Train' from the artist codenamed 786AM is nothing but a pearl of Manchester folk pop movement. This composition included in the project 'Made In Manchester' has its own important mission - all proceeds from the sale will go to the opening of community centers in Manchester.

The song 'Peace Train' is lovely and melodious. The acoustic guitar is the basis of the accompaniment of the singer whose voice blooms with a beautiful flower against the background of an arrangement that develops in a light rhythmic section and smooth strings. Soft reflections of rays of hope sound in the inspiration of the artist's lyrics. 

The song 'Peace Train' sounds like the soundtrack to a peaceful film where love, patience and mutual help between people saves this world and gives it another chance to wake up and come to life. Listen to the single 'Peace Train' on Spotify below and feel the truly peace in the work of the artist 786AM.