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Bonsai Mammal – Surrender
American producer Bonsai Mammal together with singer Mark Johns created an unforgettable track 'Surrender' which was released on July 30. This cold vocal melody, taken from living language, sinks under the ice and still gives hope.

Single 'Surrender' includes groove bass and airy piano chords. Synthesizers adds to the choruses to soften the mood of the track. Elegant house beats in the style of the 90s twists the whole atmosphere of the composition into easy listening song. The singer's melodies cuts into the memory and no longer lets us go due to its simplicity and transparency. 

Bonsai Mammal is a known producer and songwriter Jimmy Harry. His career in the music business is successful and interesting. Working with world-class stars, he gained a unique experience that each time raises his work to a new level. His collaboration with singer Mark Johns gave a great result - a song you want to listen to again and again. Listen to the single 'Surrender' right now below on Spotify.