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Alas de Liona – Pages
We turn our attention again to the singer Alas de Liona, based in Edinburgh, Scotland. This time we will consider her single 'Pages' which received a music video. Alas de Liona's songs are exquisite color of eloquent melodies and gentle core oscillations.

Through her work, she finds the keys to the door that leads to a world of well-fair and expectations, directing her light to the souls in need of moral help. In the song 'Pages', the singer shows a slight sadness and humility. The musical composition is composed of soft strokes with a minimalist of alternative pop. 

In the music video 'Pages' Alas de Liona appears in a beautiful image of a sad girl who is alone in an empty room of an abandoned house. Perhaps this house will be destroyed as her hopes were once destroyed. A live ensemble of musicians supports the singer in the second room and this creates an aesthetic of indie music with a slight folk charm. Watch the music video 'Pages' below on YouTube and feel the graceful soul strings that sounds by Alas de Liona.