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Lee Olivier-Hall – This Is Only The Beginning
London composer Lee Olivier-Hall is preparing for the release of his first compositional work - EP 'Moments In Sound'. On June 4, the first single with the logical name 'This Is Only The Beginning' was released.

Lee already has experience as a singer-songwriter and is now serious about writing music for movies. This niche attracts him with its sonic immensity and access to creative experiments. In his first cinematic musical work, Lee focused on the ambient and random sounds that are compiled into a mosaic of minimalist melodies. The track has acquired a compositional form and has all the hallmarks of a classic of the genre. Aerial intro, atmospheric development, and a sharp culmination along with a descending denouement.  

The music video for 'This Is Only The Beginning' was directed by 376 FILMS and received its own art mood. Emotionality and anxiety take over us when we see how one girl tragically dances her dance of life. She is busy and calm at the same time. She was confused in her thoughts, which caused the earth to turn upside down. She moves around the city and her slow ballet is her life flowing relentlessly and transparently. 

Lee Olivier-Hall has every chance to get into a real movie. Watch below on YouTube the talented work of the composer, actor and director in one music video called 'This Is Only The Beginning'.