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Debo Ray – Feelin’ Lucky
'Feelin' Lucky' is the title of the new single from Boston based artist Debo Ray. This song is just explosive because it ignites hearts to take decisive action when it comes to failed relationships.

Debo Ray is a Grammy nominated one-woman tour de force and indeed, her songs have that amazing power that makes this artist so attractive. She is preparing to release her album in 2025 and she is currently releasing singles from this album every 6 weeks. 

'Feelin' Lucky' is a hot song that turns us on with its funky groove and velvety emotional vocals. The main message of the song is clear and pure, the singer simply opens the door to new romantic possibilities with this song.  

In the music video 'Feelin' Lucky', Debo Ray just an amazing artist.  She dances and sings amazingly while creating dynamics for her song by appearing in various mise-en-scènes. Watch the music video 'Feelin' Lucky' below on YouTube and follow the creativity of the incredible Debo Ray.