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Seema Farswani – Got My Mojo
EP 'Got My Mojo' by Seema Farswani is a real gift to all fans of sensual and soulful songs. Seema Farswani presented her collection of songs as an outlet and a dedication to her father, whose loss had a strong impact on the artist.

Seema Farswani was always with music and even when she took a forced break in her creative path while raising two wonderful daughters, she dreamed of singing and the stage. EP 'Got My Mojo' consists of 5 tracks, each of which occupies a special place in the heart of the artist.  

Seema Farswani's charming voice is a separate musical instrument with its own beautiful lines. Among the presented songs, we hear a stylish variety that makes this mini-album even more attractive. The songs include pop and country, ballads and tango, and everyone can find something special and close to them on this record.  

Listen to the EP 'Got My Mojo' below on Spotify and enjoy an awesome tracklist from the talented Seema Farswani.