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V of Vossae – Vibra
V of Vossae is a Puertorian artist who has already made a decent statement on the American scene of alternative pop. Collaborating with many famous personalities of modernity, V of Vossae opens a new page of his creativity after a two-year break in music.

One of her new singles is called 'Vibra' and tum we hear a beautiful combination of Reggaeton and Latin pop. Beautiful electronic xylophones and a burning rhythm merge here with warm vocals.  

The song 'Vibra' is filled with amazing colors and rhythmic serpentines, inviting us to dance and aesthetic pleasure. V of Vossae moves on and her single 'Vibra' speaks about the ambitious intentions of this artist to create new hit songs.  

Listen to the single 'Vibra' below on Spotify and recharge yourself with the soulful energy of the new track from V of Vossae.