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Tamas Szigyarto – Membrany
Modern piano music has two main directions of its development. One of them is avant-garde with many of his experiments, and the other neoclassical based on the past achievements of the great geniuses of music. Composer Tamas Szigyarto is a supporter of the second direction.

Born in the cultural capital of Russia, St. Petersburg, Tamas received a classical music education. Later, moving to London, he experimented with playing drums in various local bands. Absorbing all the color of classical romance and energy of rock music, Tamas took himself to write own piano compositions and it worked. 

On June 4th, his new single called 'Membrany' was released. Only piano, inspiration and talent are the producers of this neoclassical product. Taking as an idea of ​​the work the latest disturbing events in the world related to the pandemic, the composer through music began to show his vision of the problem. Against the background of atmospheric minor arpeggios, his minimalist melody is positive and encouraging. So in the world, against the background of mass hysteria, we heard some encouraging voices that gave us confidence in the future. 

Tamas' style is romantic and cinematic and he has the potential to get into the soundtrack to a serious film. Listen to the single 'Membrany' by Tamas Szigyarto on Spotify below to get acquainted with the new talent of neoclassical music.