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MothBreath – mothbreath
The British music project MothBreath is based in Frome, where they have been creating and searching for their own sound since 2019. Their debut single 'Drift Away' was released in 2021 and showed just how original and amazing MothBreath’s music could be.

Their debut album 'mothbreath' was released on May 10, 2024 and fully revealed MothBreath in all its breathtaking beauty. The album contains 11 tracks, each of which penetrates somewhere deep into our hearts.  

The core of this music is dreamy guitar with captivating melodic lines. Electronic beats punctuate each measure, grouping guitar and vocal parts into colorful musical compositions. 

The female vocals have a sweet and romantic tone. The lyrics are filled with poetic content with wonderful themes for experiencing and thinking. The entire palette of sounds and meanings is beautifully woven into one common system of finding one's self and one's place in this amazing world.  

Listen to the album 'mothbreath' on Spotify below and rate MothBreath's stunning debut.