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The DePatie Melt – I’ll Miss You
John DePatie is a guitarist, composer, leader of the American group The DePatie Melt. He organized a beautiful trio around him to record one musical masterpiece called 'I'll Miss You'. This is an original ballad like a vintage romance has a revolutionary form of composition.

Legendary pianist and keyboardist Don Randi gently develops the harmony to which John's guitar joins. The sound comes from somewhere in the middle of human experiences where two instruments reflect the unity of two loving hearts. And only in the middle of the track shines the vocals of Jody Bagley with his fresh penetrating voice. 

The composition in its conciseness has everything to captivate us with its lullaby of love. The good production work of the trio can only confirm their professionalism and creative enthusiasm. This is only a debut work, so we will be looking forward to new works by the band. Listen to the single 'I'll Miss You' on Spotify below and trust the classic tastes of the guys from The DePatie Melt.