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Emma Forgette – Here To Get My Stuff
The American artist Emma Forgette shared her new single 'Here To Get My Stuff' on March 15. The song was written by Bobby Randall, a former member of the iconic country bands Sawyer Brown and Confederate Railroad.

It was a great honor for Emma Forgette to collaborate with an artist of this caliber and we are sure that in her 19th year this is only the beginning of her ascent to the musical Olympus.  

Song 'Here To Get My Stuff' tells about the restoration of true independence after a breakup. The feeling of self-respect and self-organization of one's feelings is the leitmotif of this musical composition.  

Emma Forgette's bright and penetrating vocals emotionally reflect the evolution of the inner strength of a fragile girl. Country guitars fill the musical space with the power of their charm and we fully surrender to the power of melody and lyrics.  

Listen to the single 'Here To Get My Stuff' below on Spotify and enjoy a great new song from the promising Emma Forgette.