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Nimby – Avatar
The Italian band Nimby first gathered in 2009 and since then the guys have been playing real modern rock n roll filled with elements of post-punk and indie. Currently, Nimby are preparing a new album and their latest single 'Avatar' is intended to open the curtain on their new musical work.

The song 'Avatar' tells about the influence of modern social networks on the development of a person's personality. Everyone hides behind a fictional avatar, showing the public only the best part of their life. But the avatar has a tendency to absorb human dignity and the feeling of realistic life, so the song 'Avatar' in an ironic way inclines us to this theme again and again.  

Powerful guitar riffs and steel bass supported by energetic drums make the sound of the track really energetic and driving. The vocal line is perfectly embodied in the musical fabric of the track, turning into piercing hooks in the climax of the composition. 'Avatar' by Nimby is a great track that introduces us to a cool rock band from southern Italy.  

Listen to the single 'Avatar' below on Spotify and enjoy the energy of bright Nimby.