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FAINN – Cinema Sessions
'Cinema Sessions' is the title of the new EP from the American artist FAINN. This 4-track mini-album invites us on a great journey with familiar melodies carefully selected by a talented and promising artist.

Producer Spencer Broschard also worked on the record, bringing his creative touch to this beautiful record. FAINN hails from Nashville and her artistic charisma allows her to create original things around the local music scene. EP 'Cinema Sessions' is exactly such a release that makes us pay attention to this artist. Her task was to create cinematic adaptations of some of her favorite songs and she certainly succeeded.  

In a new light, eternal creations from Mick Jagger, Tom Petty, Rick Astley and Patti Smith appear before us. Spacious musical arrangements create an incredible atmosphere of freedom and dreams, against the background of which FAINN's voice becomes even brighter and more familiar. The vocal lines of the presented songs are warm and sensual, they allow a new look behind the content of these captivating lyrics. 'Cinema Sessions' is another important step in the career of the brilliant FAINN.  

Listen to EP 'Cinema Sessions' below on Spotify and enjoy a fantastic collection of songs from the charming FAINN.