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SIR-VERE – Legion (Remixes)
Immediately after the release of the single 'Legion', the British band SIR-VERE shared a new maxi single containing 7 remixes of the song. SIR-VERE know how and with whom to do charismatic things, and now we have a whole collection of tracks in front of us that completely immerses us in the aesthetics of this song.

SIR-VERE is based in Milton Keynes and has perfectly declared itself as a progressive electronic band whose sound balance is on the border of post-punk, drum and bass and industrial. The foursome from MK are doing wonders with their music on live venues all over the world and with their new release we have the opportunity to listen to how one piece of music can vary and change.

'Legion (Remixes)' opens with a remix by Dan Kanopka, the famous producer and drummer of the band OKGO. The alternative energy of the 90s is off the charts and the clear beats encourage us to move.  Vocal lines alternate in dramatic sequences revealing the essence of the lyrics. The song clearly alludes to those who actually rule the world and humanity.

The maxi single features remixes from the band themselves and their musical friends, and each of them deserves special attention.  Among the musical diversity of the presented remixes, we are discovering more and more new facets of SIR-VERE's music. 'Legion (Remixes)' absolutely danceable and driving release that stirs up in us the desire to surrender to the flow of life's cascades and watch as all humanity walks into the trap smiling.  

Listen to the single 'Legion (Remixes)' below on Spotify and discover the creativity of the incredible SIR-VERE.